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eVtran V03S SLC USB3.0 16G 32G 64G SLC USB3.0 FlashDisk Write protection High speed IS903 SLC Transparent SLC Disk

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    New versione-eVtran V03S SLC USB3.0 FlashDisk. Transparent case , Write switch protection, Surge Protection ,High speed.


    Innostor IS903 Dual Channel USB3.0 Controller Original SLC Flash.



    16G:Read:220M/s Write:210M/s Innostor IS903+TOSHIBA TH58TAG6S2FBA89*2  32NM 8CE SLC 2Channel Dual Chip

    32G:Read:230M/s Write:220M/s Innostor IS903+Micron NW428 MT29F128G08AMCBB*2 25NM 4CE SLC 2Channel Dual Chip

    64G:Read:230M/s Write:210M/s Innostor IS903+Micron NW435 MT29F256G08AUCBB*2 25NM 8CE SLC 2Channel Dual Chip

    Real SLC Flash test speed,not the MLC TLC NAND


    • Plastic shell  (Transparent)
    • Innostor IS903 USB3.0 Controller / Dual Channel  8CE High Speed 
    • Original Interprise SLC BGA  Dual Channel Package  SLC NAND Flash
    • Write switch protection
    • Surge Protection
    • USB 3.0 interface, compatible with USB2.0
    • Read speed up to 230MB/sec.Write speed up to 210M/se



    6S2F 16G






    *if product is running at about 40M/S,because the computer is running the USB2.0 mode, 

    Please make sure that your computer USB3.0 interface is blue , and the product is fully inserted into the USB3.0 interface of the computer. The bottom of the USB3.0 interface is 5PIN more than the USB2.0 interface, and it will run USB2.0 mode if it is not fully inserted. If your computer is WIN7 system, you need to install USB3.0 driver.



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