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Huawei HWSP-368 Vdsl splitter


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    Huawei HWSP-368 Vdsl splitter;



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      Product Name:  Genuine original Huawei ADSL filters splitter




      Product features


      Efficient supply original ADSL splitter, two inductance of the transformer circuit design, PCB socket plugged directly into the circuit board, can DSL signal attenuation minimum, an effective control for ordinary socket wire for DSL signal transmission barrier, the phone can be a high-frequency low-frequency voice signals and computer data signal filtering separation, so that transmission without disturbing each other in the same line. Output circuit section provides independent DSL modem data signal, good special effects filters, to the telephone to maintain ultra-clear call quality and can solve part of the phone on ADSL because the high-frequency signal loss caused by static, downlink rate decline and frequent power cuts and other problems to ensure that no noise, good special effects, please rest assured purchase.
      Genuine original Huawei ADSL filters:
      Size specifications: length 60 × width 44 × height 23mm
      Broadband access filter is a short separate telephone and broadband use, this phone also has a noise filter function, the effect of 95% -100%. Port is connected to a telephone line is not connected to the network cable, please see make another. That is if your home to pull the telecommunications broadband telephone lines coming this filter requires conversion of voice and network two interfaces.


































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